Watching You (Single)

by The Creptter Children



‘Watching You' is the electrifying single by The Creptter Children follows protagonist Iballa Chantelle on a stimulating fantasy adventure back to a time of ancient Egypt where gods, demons and sexual goddesses once ruled our world.
With her loving heart being held in bondage by oppressive religious propaganda Iballa must find her inner strength in order to defeat her immoral tormentor.
Through the help of her new friends and a new profound understanding of herself, Iballa embarks on a dangerous mission to eliminate her evil oppressor once and for all.

Chains will be broken, pain must be endured. Will she triumph?



I'm waiting
And I'm watching you
I'm gonna hit that shot
My gun
Yes it's fully loaded
Once chance
Make you rot

So if you die
Tonight my darling
I won't be yours true
So if you die
There is no witness
No one
Waits for you

Watching you
Cut yourself to pieces
So I'm watching you
Let you die
Watching you
Cut yourself to pieces
So I'm watching you
Let you die

Sitting, thinking all that pain that you gave me
Now it's turned on you
I can't believe I didn't leave you sooner
Like I'd stay with you

To make you bleed has never felt better
Watching you suffer in pain
So taste your blood all over yourself, hah
Jokes on you

You're dead to me
Let you die

Cut to pieces
Let you die
Cut to pieces
Let you die


Written by Iballa Chantelle.
Produced by The Creptter Children.
Recording and Mixing by N8oR @ The Crib Recording Studio, Melbourne Australia.
Mastering by Tony Lindgren @ Fascination Street Studios, Stockholm Sweden.



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The Creptter Children Melbourne, Australia

Renowned for their catchy hooks and dark fashion sense, which stem from the dark and twisted mind of Iballa Chantelle, the band brings to their fans (also known as “Freaks”) her message of creativity, open mindedness, and positive reflection towards spirituality and the supernatural. Influenced by Behemoth, Marilyn Manson, and Rob Zombie.
The Creptter Children are signed to Imminence Records
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